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No Rinse Body Wash/Spray

No Rinse Body Wash/Spray

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Advanced technology has allowed us to produce smart products such as no rinse body wash spray. Genesis is a dependable source to obtain such products. Now, quicker, easy and convenient alternatives for conventional bathing are available that keeps skin clean, refreshed and free of body odor.  Our products are sans alcohol. The dilute nature of body wash spray makes it completely skin friendly. Our body wash spray is completely non irritating. The skin can be kept clean through a smile gentle wipe. Such accessories are pretty helpful during incontinence care.

The formula is safe and can be applied upon face and other sections of body for lasting clean feeling. We ensure gentle cleanliness without causing any sort of irritation. We understand the critical importance of accessories that act as incontinence cleanser. The patients of incontinence and caregivers make extensive use of such body wash spray.  Feel free to contact us for collecting more information about such body wash spray. Genesis offers necessary accessories at affordable price range.

10940 reviews for No Rinse Body Wash/Spray

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