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Every human being and his bodily abilities are different. We, at genesis offer different types of incontinence products to fight this problem. Our products are designed to suit requirement of users belonging to different age groups. Genesis offers supplementary products for personal care, wound care, skin care etc. We simply strive to meet every need of our customer by offering wide range of products. Just contact our product specialist who will suggest the optimal solution. Feel free to contact us for our guidance.

No, people can get affected by the problem of incontinence at any stage of life. Unfortunately, health problems never knock the door and appear suddenly. Incontinence is not a very serious problem and suitable solutions can certainly bring your life back to normal. At Genesis, we aim to help people in reclaiming lost comfort of their life. You can actively live your life without facing any inconvenience. Don’t worry about age factor. Our products are purposely designed to help users irrespective of their age group.

Yes, the problem of incontinence is very common in USA. It is believed as per some estimates that millions of Americans are undergoing stress owing to this health concern. The senior citizens commonly encounter this problem. However, necessarily this problem is not related to normal ageing process. It is also seen that woman are more likely to have problem of urinary incontinence in comparison to men.

This problem is not a very severe disease. It is possible to live an independent life with the help of proper medical treatment, information and by using certain products. Consult your doctor for suitable guidance.

The problem of incontinence can erupt suddenly. There are many causes responsible for incontinence. Let us look at few reasons responsible for incontinence. Prostate infection, inflammation, side effects caused by medicines, weight gain, pregnancy, recovering from surgery, a state of mental confusion. Severe spinal injuries, neurological stroke, anatomical abnormalities, physical weakness, enlargement of prostrate, Alzheimer disease and depression can also cause incontinence.

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